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Give Your Carpet A Deep Clean

Carpet Cleaning

We make your carpets like new again without harsh chemicals.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Our signature process cleans, refreshes & protects your furniture.

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Tile And Grout Cleaning

We restore and protect the natural beauty of your grout & tile.

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Our “Commercial” Carpet Cleaning Service

Milson Pro Clean provides quality commercial cleaning services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A clean business environment promotes a positive image to potential customers and clients, helps boost employee morale and productivity, can improve indoor air quality, as well as help extend the life of your carpets, flooring, and upholstered items.

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Making Upholstery Like New Again

We specialize in cleaning upholstered chairs while we clean the floors! Our professional upholstery cleaning surfaces are perfect for schools, churches, offices, meeting halls, and homes. Our complete and thorough process can remove deeply rooted dirt and grime that can damage upholstery fiber. So, make your chairs and sofas look like new again and extend the life of your upholstery with high-quality commercial cleaning and residential cleaning services from Milson Pro  Clean.

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Making Tile & Grout Like New Again

We use the IICRC standards for all of our cleaning processes, as well as the highest quality products and equipment, so you can trust that we'll get the job done right the first time, every time. As the floor cleaning experts, we're proud to offer reliable and affordable floor cleaning  to Clinton Twp, and to residents throughout the surrounding areas. You'll love the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your floors have had professional treatment.

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Protect your Office With Disinfectant Fogging

Through the past few years, the standard of personal hygiene and sanitation has been raised and now intensified with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Objects in public areas that are touched by different people need more attention, which has increased the need for cleaner surfaces and more concentrated disinfection methods. There has been a rapid increase in the demand for disinfection supplies, such as wipes, sprays, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach. It is also important to become aware of microbial contamination when cleaning. This is where Disinfectant Fogging comes into play. You can disinfect a whole room using this method of cleaning. Although this technology has been around for years, it has recently moved to the forefront due to the COVID protocols and requirements.

More On Disinfectant Fogging
As you can see, the main benefit of disinfectant fogging is that this method can reach a wide range of space with a more concentrated solution. You will kill more germs in high contact areas that contain objects and surfaces that are touched the most. Prime examples are doorknobs, tabletops, and light switches. The more traffic that hits these areas makes them perfect breeding grounds. Fogging can apply disinfectant to large spaces including high contact areas, lowering the chance germs will spread between persons.

Disinfectant fogging will also reach the small areas in your home or business that are rarely cleaned because they are difficult to reach. Although these areas do not get high traffic, they still collect germs.

Fogging also eliminates the need to have to move furniture in order to disinfect. As the fog passes through the crack, it clings to the surface applying disinfectant as it lands.
The biggest advantage Disinfectant Fogging offers is its ability to clean areas of all sizes with ease. As mentioned earlier, over-the-counter cleaning supplies have a limited area range because they are just sprayed bottles. The Fogger is what gives Disinfectant Fogging its power to cover full buildings.  This technology makes fogging the perfect disinfecting application for businesses which, of course, have high traffic from employees, clients, and visitors, exposing everyone to viruses and bacteria.  Routine fogging can reduce the number of pathogens that live in the building, therefore lowering contact risk.
Whether you own a restaurant, have staff in an office building, or want to deep clean your home, the advantage of Disinfectant Fogging is its versatility. You can do it as often or as little as you need. You can use Disinfecting Fogging as a full-service, routine measure or as a complement to the cleaning you already perform on your own. Disinfecting Fogging offers you peace of mind and with current higher standards of sanitation.​​​​​​​

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"I was very pleased with the carpet cleaning done by your staff. The rugs look very good. Keep up the excellent work. "
Thanks, Wendy

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Milson Pro Clean is Clinton Twp,’s Most Trusted Cleaning Professionals

Milson Pro Clean is a full-service company that provides Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and Disinfection Fogging. Our technicians are well trained and will answer any questions you may have.  Milson Pro Clean is IICRC certified with high levels of sanitation standards.  Give us a call today at 1-586-854-2431

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The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration 

All Employees of Milson Pro Clean are certified by IICRC
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification is the non-profit certifying body for the cleaning and restoration industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, Milson Pro Clean has general liability (GL) and workers compensation insurance 

How often do I
need my business cleaned?

The average business should be steam cleaned at least once a year, or every 3-6 months in high traffic areas. Give us a call if you’d like to be placed on a maintenance schedule. 

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

In most cases, your carpets will be dry in 3-4 hours. Call us if you have any questions about your carpet cleaning.